No More Chains! Im Memoriam Ali Haurand (1943 – 2018)

De Duitse jazzlegende en contrabassist Ali Haurand, uit Viersen Rijnland Westfalen, is niet meer.
Gedurende de Tweede Wereldoorlog werd Ali geboren, die in de jaren Provo zou worden in Amsterdam en accentloos Nederlands sprak, uit een affaire tussen een Duitse communiste en een Franse verzetsstrijder. Vader Haurand werd gefusilleerd voor Ali in 1943 het levenslicht kon zien. Ali was bassist van Jacques Brel in 1966 gedurende diens tournee door delen  van Duitsland en Belgie, en Ali en ik werden in 2002 plotseling vrienden. We hebben veel gespeeld, hij is op al mijn albums met Dichters Dansen Niet sedert 2003 te horen, in geraffineerde mixages van onze frequency cowboy Fred dB. Ons laatste gezamenlijk optreden was op 12 maart in 2014, tijdens de presentatie van het album Vuurproef (Nieuw Amsterdam). Ik had Ali die nacht laten logeren in dat miezerige hotel aan de Prins Hendrikkade, waar Chet Baker anno 1987(geloof ik) zijn Fensterstuerz heeft gemaakt. Ali heeft met Chet gespeeld, gedurende diens laatste jaren. De letterlijk in de goot gevallen Chet Baker is als onbekend lijk een hele tijd bewaard gebleven in de koelcellen van de Gemeentelijke Opruimingsdienst. Iedereen dacht dat het om een tandeloze vreemdeling of clochard ging die verdwaald was zeker. Ali wist wat er vermoedelijk gebeurd was, die avond dat Chet uit het raam kukelde. We hebben het onthuld tijdens de show in die mooie rode zaal van de Brakke Grond. Maar weinigen die het mee hebben gekregen. Het staat ook in Vuurproef. Maar dat terzijde.
Mocht je hem nog niet kennen, maak kennis met de onwezenlijk mooie muziek van deze snarentovenaar.
Ali Haurand.
Ik was net een brief aan hem aan het schrijven, toen ik erachter kwam.
Raar maar
“Vandaag schreef ik een brief aan mijn muzikale vader Ali Haurand, bassist van het mooiste lied dat ik ken: No More Chains. Ik heb het vaak met Ali en later ook met Ed en Fred mogen spelen als Dichters Dansen Niet. Onder andere in Armenie, Yerevan. Tijdens de Dag van de Genocide, op 24 april in 2012. Toen ik de brief wilde versturen, merkte ik dat ik een oud emailadres had. Ik wilde Ali even bellen, maar zijn tel. nummer bleek niet meer in mijn telefoon te staan. Ik surfde naar Ali´s homepage op Facebook. En kwam erachter dat Ali kort geleden, op 28 mei jongstleden, was overleden. Ik was jammerlijk te laat. Hieronder de brief. Ik heb zijn geliefde weduwe gebeld, Doris, die ook nog in de brief geadresseerd wordt. En de brief alsnog verstuurd. Ik had nog zoveel mooie muziek met Ali willen maken. Maar ik ben hem dankbaar, voor alle zielsdiepe en heerlijke muziek waarmee hij mij en zoveel anderen heeft weten te raken. He Ali, ouwe Provo! No More Chains makker. Hier komt ie…”

Ali Haurand speelt No More Chains op zijn grande dame uit 1860

To Ali Haurand
Viersen Germany
´s-Hertogenbosch NL, 21.06.18 – start of summer
Dear Ali old pal,
as you might have noticed because of my neglect of you in the last years, probably something was going on in my life. There was. And is. I hope you will forgive me for sharing some of my current friendly enthousiasm and perhaps a bit too fervourous esprit with you. But I think you can handle it, you ouwe Provo! Sharing is the primal principle of life. Every cell and nucleus bears testimony to this fact. Even some secrets can be shared, with good friends. One of them, an important one, is you. I pondered a lot the last few months. So much has happened in my life. I lost everything: my house, my loved one and her innocent child, friends, confidence, belief, espoir, esprit, hope. Almost my life.
I tried to kill myself. 10th of May. Slowly, breath by breath, step by step, I crawled back on my back and learned to stand back up on my feet again. By myself. But with the tender help of some of dearest of souls. Sorry for not reaching out while I was in trouble, but I kept my surrender to the sweet brother of sleep, deeply burried in my heart, a dark and treacherous secret – there where usually the core of life should live. Remember the dog you once had, and that you burried in your garden… After my return from the far-from-rotten state of Denmark at the beginning of May (where I visited Lea – a wonderful bright young Danish lady I met in Amsterdam), something happened.
Et resurrexit. I felt wonderfully and consciously alive again. I wrote and write verse after verse after verse. Cristal clear little canto´s, words sharp and beautiful but light as the feathers or plumes with which they are scribbled on paper in my white little Leuchtturm Notebook. I write with my bare hands. As well as with my mind. In disembodied utter concentration; waiting for the words to flow. And these words, the more they flow, the more they seek the destiny of truth. Veritas. A deeper truth. Patterns that I could not see and feel before, keep on emerging. Where the verses come from? I honestly do not know. But often it is as if many light voices are having fun in jotting in quite a few lines that are as sharp as they are funny, and full of insight into how to use space in poetry.

DDN speelt No More Chains live in The Sugarfactory Amsterdam, mei 2005

Today I jotted: “I am like a mirror. Whatever you see in me / is who youare likely to be / look at you / we are all like / mirrors”. And: “I danced a lot with the devil / A bit too much perhaps / but that awful one / in fact did help me / find my path … Me too carries a lot of demons / housing in my body / and my brain / … I decided to no longer hate them / it is not me or them / I have decided it is time / to now smoke a peacepipe / … / and to start another kind of dance / to put something right /”. And: “Poetry is setting fire / Good counsel is expensive / And the best deeds like the worst one / come at really heavy costs / Verse can be inflammatory / the hour has come to honour the fire / and again, the sun / follow an age of peace / and reunification / it is necessary / to do things right / and make the truth / once more real/ly beautiful and / possible”. For the rest, I presume that the current flow simply stems firstly from some recently rebranched or newfully connected braincells and an intensified traffic of impulsery transmissions through the seemingly boundless network of our synapses. Perhaps with help of currently careful doses of the right medication: 10 mg ecitalopram (anti-depressant) and two pills of amantadine (against Parkinson).
And secondly, more importantly, from a willingness to really come clear with me, myself and I. To sober up. Repent for some of my sins, rightly so. And to restart from scratch. I spend many a day astray, walking through the city or nature, where I sit down and right and meditate without any rush. I am curious, and have an open mind. And that mind realized something as urgent as precious, it seems. Therefore, I send you these verses in these twelve little cantos on what it is really about to my appeal. I can only write it in Dutch. Forgive me for this, it is not very considerate. I hope you can find a translator who is capable and willing to translate the verses for you into German if necessary (but you can very well read Dutch, don´t you?)- and possibly others you would like to share it with, if you dare or wish to care for the substance of the matter. Feel free of course. And not obliged. But it is fresh, amazing stuff that I dare to think, deserves to be read and perhaps even recited in as many tongues as possible. And with as soulful or jazzy a music as possible. No More Chains! If not for wisdom or beauty, then let it be for joy. Or both. It appears to me, to be some kind of regained Taoist verse in the costume of our current age. It is the voice of Twan Tse as well as Horus, I believe, but perhaps also of old shamans or lyrics that shiningly pierce through. Even though imagination. Indeed through verse. The tongue of good old Will(iam Shakespeare)/ Where there´s a will/there is a play. And where there´s a play, there shall be music… Real music. Your kind of music. The most beautiful gift man has created for himself but equally so for his next of kin.
Ni dieu ni maitre.graffiti
We can build those kingdoms of music and pleasure deep in ourselves. With reverance to the light, the fire, the earth, the sun. And all the stars we stem from. It is time for the fourth hour/Horus to come forth. To make things true again, not through mercantile deceit or vicious shrewdness, but with gentility, humanity and grace. Elegance. We forgot quite a bit about these traits. I have just started, with sharing these verses about what really, really matters in our painful but also joyful lives, with my closest friends. And you are certainly one of them. Thanks to all gods for that. But most of all thank you, dear Ali. I love you brotherman. Namaste! And my tendrest of regards to the beautiful Queen at your side: Doris. Rapunsel with her long, long hair.
Big hug, one wink, and a whole lot of bliss!

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