Op 16 december 1989 is het dertig jaar geleden, dat de revolutie tegen Ciaucescu ontketend werd in Timisoara, Roemenie. Een moedige dissidente dichter genaamd Ion Monoran, had de euvele moed een trolleybus te kapen. En met zijn verzen op te roepen op te staan tegen het “Genie van de Karpaten” en diens misdadige ultra-communistische regime. Binnen een dag leidde de pop-up opstand van Monoran tot veertig doden die voor de kathedraal van Timisoara werden neergeschoten door de Securitate en een dag later verbrand op last van Elena Ciaucescu in Boekarest. Om de aftrap van de Revolutie uit 1989 te gedenken, en dichter Ion Monoran te eren, vindt er een internationaal poeziefestival plaats in Timisoara. Ik zal daar ook voordragen, samen met een twintigtal dichters uit diverse landen. Moge het Vuur van de Vrijheid vaardig blijven, over gans dit Europese continent.…/festival-de-poezie-la-timisoar…/


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, baard en close-up



by Serge van Duijnhoven


We all know the Desire

Most of us the necessity

But only few of us have

The Courage and the Bravery

As well as the Capacity


To be real and really

be Free


It takes courage

To take a nighttrain during

Daylight, to stop a tram

On iron clad and change

The wires of Time

The current of Life´s


Own electricity


It takes more than a President

Trump or a Statue of Liberty

For any universal claim to freedom

It takes more than a play for any

Pretention to be or not

To be




Me myself I saw the most

Brilliant minds of my generation

Enslaved in their Freedom

And their Wealth. I saw most

Of us living under the Realm

Of their cellphones, paying

Mortgage to our Banks

Travelling with Airline Companies

Polluting Planet Earth

Annihilating Time with our

Games of Wars and Thrones

Living without Love but with

Maximum regret that we had

To live all of our lives to the

Max in a Zero Sum world where

Growth is just as paramount

As Fear or as Resentment

And where space was reduced

To a cake left in the rain

Of a city that just like in a worst

Nightmare never sleeps

And where the Oceans are

Covered in plastics, the fluids

Of a poisonous soup cooked up

In the cup of a bottomless pit


In order to be free

Me has to dis-connect with

All the matter that only seems

To matter so much to me

Me has to dive as deep

As possible to discover the grain

Of a state we call mind

Where freedom rings in the

Realms of space where there is

No such thing as gravity

Freemind is a state of mind

We call soul, a place where

All dimensions collide

In constant battle with the

Dark embattered Forces

Of the black hole that resides

In the center of each

And every living Galaxy


My consciousness slides

Into the abyss of the purest

Culpability: the awareness

That there is no such thing

As planet B


But many plans coexist under-

Neath the surface

I saw the brightest minds of

My generation defect into

The cells of a braintumor

The delusional idea of growth

Into perpetuity


Such is the current phase

But not the purpose of

Our humanity


We are the light engulfed

From heavenly fire

But instead of using it

For mutual enlightenment

We´ve used it most of all

To set our house on fire


All those who do not appreciate

Death, have no fucking clue

Of Life. But who does not mourn

The dead, has never loved


And in the end the love we take

Is equal tot he love we make?

And in the end, we all know

Is that awareness and that

Love and peace, not growth

And greed, are all we need


For what good would all this

Freedom be without

The purpose of our lives

Not to be busy or in business

But to love, to share

At the mercy of all our Ladies



Russ Ciaucescu






Freedom takes the courage

To stop a tram on iron rails

To divert the course of Time

Into a trail of forceful Action


Freedom takes the courage

To be slaughtered in front

Of a cathedral. To defy old

Gods and shoot the Despots


Freedom is not a gift

A poison nor delight

It is a continual fight

An achievement


Day and night

It takes courage

Awareness and



Peace Love and Liberty

For You, for Me

For All not just

For Some


Freedom is never

Gratis nor for granted

Or for free. Freedom

Is always conquered


Or achieved

It is as much an achievement

As an endeavour

A splendid fire as much


As a black star

Life is a Beach

And then you jump


I am the Alchemist of Freedom

Advocate of Words over Matter

Curiosity over Mercator City

Magic over dear old Mountains

Love over Hatred, Kindness

Over Fear, Liberty over Shackles


My credo: No More Chains

Peace, Love, Freedom

And Togetherness

Those are the four

Elements upon which


Our survival depends


Freedom Free From

Surveillance capitalism

We should be able to be

Who we are – and own


Ourselves in mind

Over matter as much

As in Data per



Freedom from

Intentional deceipt

And mercantile



Freedom from

Controlled control

Freedom from

Facebook, Google


And the ultra capitalist

People’s Republic

Of China


Let us face it here and now

In Timisoara: Xu

Is the new



What we want is

Freedom from

(Lure) Models

Modern Data



Like Cambridgde


Freedom from

Nigel Farage

Freedom from




Freedom from all Newspeak

From all those hollow

Slogans from empty

Soulless hollow men


Their Future is Your

Privacy. Dig your graves

And make today

Mc Donalds Day


Be aware and do

Remember what we

So desperately



Love Is All

All Is One

Let freedom, wealth

And wisdom ring

Not for the few

But for



In flesh

As in blood a

Rumania, pillaged by the past

Surviving in a third rate present…


Freedom follows those who have the guts

To be honest, dare to dream

Of more tomorrows of a

Kinder kind, Freedom repudes

Ressentment, acknowledges the Self

With a sincere respect for others

All others, whomever they

May be, who dares to stop

A tram or take a ride for free

And has the courage not

To berieve or steal but to

Let go of all the anger, hatred

While loving all those that are

Dear to him or her

Are we by birth then all enchained

To the ends of Time, in all four

Corners of the Earth that we

Inhabit? Not if we show respect

NEMASTE and LOVE for all

Four Gods and Godesses that

Actually exist and of which

We ar made of:

In the Name of Mother Earth

The Sacred Water, All fresh Air

As well as the heavenly Fire



Are we all by birth then chained

To the chuckles of our destiny?

Or is there a chance to break free

From the chains of our genes

Can we find the key that fits

The lock upon our soul?



Keine Kette Mehr

Geen kettingen meer



Freedom is a hunger

Never to be stilled

A thirst never to be

Quenched completely

It is as frail as our

Condition, Thrilling as

Our will to succeed

As powerful as our passion

Is for our deeds, indeed

No hunger to crave for

No desire to burn for

No love to live for

No fresh air to breathe


When one is young, one fights

For the freedom we long for

Once older, one acquires the

Freedom one deserves

Or  does not


No More Chains

How many shackles are there

To saw, cut and break free


Der Sinn faellt nie vom Himmel

Der Sinn stiegt zum Himmel



Now the Sky may be your limit

But the Heavens are mine


Curiosity kills cats

But keeps humanity



We are just busy

Taking our radio´s apart

Looking for the music inside

And God may very well

Be just like our Liberty

A deity who very much

Likes to speak through dreams

Of man and words of children

As well as through the deeds

Of a frail and poor but all

But curtailed poet

Who one morning dared

To stop a tram and while

Switching off the electricity

Changed for good the course

Of history


Copyright Serge van Duijnhoven 2019